Management Team

Managing Director

Mr.Kiran Javia

Mr. Kiran Javia is the Managing Director of Yoto.

Mr.Pritesh Patil

Mr. Pritesh Patil is the Chairman of Yoto.
Chief Executive Officer

Mr.Ravi Javia

Mr. Ravi Javia is the Chief Executive Officer of Yoto.

Story Of YOTO Group

Yoto " The Power Of Unity "

Team Yoto a group of childhood friends, college mate, with ambitions in their eyes & having almost same motive; like

one of them want to do something for nation ,another wants to established a system for Child Education , Want to create an history , to do something different, from college days the all debating & searching a path to reach their dreamland. Though they are quite young teenagers but the spirit they have change their attitude tremendously.

So this journey takes interesting turn when their graduation completed. Some of them placement in MNC companies. Others applied for Defense forces & few are goes for Further Studies. But GOD’s decided something better from them they meet occasionally & discussing their life’s retrospection the same & In each meetings they had brain storming session to find out which are the other vertical horizons needs to be harnessed to comes their dreams alive .They did lots of Project plan study visited lots of demo sites to find something that … what are they born to do!!!

One fine day, when they are discussing the News that “Anand Sharma - our honorable commerce & industrial minister of India announce “We are well on course to achieve the target which we set for ourselves to touch the US$ 500 billion mark by 2014 and of doubling India’s share in world trade by 2020”

Pritesh with burning desire to do something for nation, spontaneously reply” hey!! We need to help our minister to achieve our country’s target what you say?” & the Team in its jolly mood reply .. Yes what’s a big deal in that!!!!!!!! Ha...ha...

Then God’s know what happen, situation change; suddenly every one tuning their frequency to match their heart beats & with curiosity to know that it’s really the answer of our key question. ..Yes it is “Export Import “.

Kiran Bring a Big World map & saying , so by this way we can targeting the Globe & solve the problem of necessity “ . Ravi in his philosophical mood backed the proposal “necessity is the mother of invention “. Pritesh said “Team it’s the Business of Thousand years’ old & then mark an example of COLUMBUS & WASKO-DA –GAMA”. Ankit showing his references in this business by which we get lots of thing done.

Then The Team is ready to march with the name

YOTO “Youth on their Own”

Unwarily, may be its way of God’s to help us. In Shopping mall we had met Some Foreigners, We helped them in their shopping & fairly guide them through out their stay in India & Its god’s mercy that our friendly rapport, in addition to that convert in to Business Relationship.

Thanks GOD!!!

Every day macro study, discussion, pros & cons, Debating foreign policy whatever we have learned going to be implemented after SWOT & PESTAL analysis to strengthen the YOTO.

So journey which had been started with the name Youth on their Own becoming the Company “YOTO IMPEX PVT. LTD”, with its highly professional, innovative & customer driven approach in short time span spread their Network throughout the Glob. & continuously working toward for its noble vision.



Mission Statement: “Without Border, Grow Together“.

Considering the world is a Family (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (Sanskrit: from "Vasudhaiva", the earth; "iva" = is as a; and "kutumbakam", family;) is a Sanskrit phrase that means that the whole world is one single family.) , Be the system that take care that every one having the same quality of service & goods as per their necessity So in nutshell “Without Border, Grow Together “
By means of a large assortment with exclusive products, extensive services and perfect customer service, we do want to become the first choice for all the suppliers and trading companies for we are offering products.


Vision Statement: “To be the Instrument to enlightening the mankind.“

By means to honor God by following business Ethics that are consistent to Improving the understanding of supply chain and making it more effective and efficient, With shortest lead time available, at competitive prices, Using the best tooling & Process technology available to achieve the total customer satisfaction


The focus of our strategy is to offer an extremely user friendly international Trading, which will be fast and reliable, that can be used for large or small quantities of products without affecting quality.

Our Values



Responsive, Responsible & Reliable

Rewarding, stimulating and enjoyable workplace


The operations and successes of the Yoto Group are taken care of by its strong management and Group of the Board of Directors. At the helm of affairs are the Company’s Directors, whose profile gives a basic explanation about them and help get familiar with them.

Mr. Pritesh Patil, ( Chairman )

Mr. Pritesh Patil is the Chairman of Yoto Impex Private Limited. A director of Yoto Impex since 2012.

Four of the most important qualities of our Chairman are impartiality, firmness, tact and common sense. With his skills of courtesy, patience and tolerance he always encouraging in making others capable to utilize the best in them.

He is a graduate of Electronics & communication engineering from Gujarat University, as well completed his MBA in Operation Management. Having advanced diploma degree in International Marketing & Import Export Management.

Mr. Kiran Javia, ( Managing Director )

Mr. Kiran Javia is the Managing Director of Yoto Impex Private Limited. A director of Yoto Impex since 2012

Our M.D is indeed True communicator and connector for the organization with his Visionary leadership & Passion for our mission and compassion for our clients.

He is a graduate of Electronics & communication engineering from Gujarat University, as well completed his MBA in Operation Management. Having advanced diploma degree in International Marketing & Import Export Management.

Mr. Ravi Javia, ( Chief Executive Officer )

Mr. Ravi Javia is the C.E.O of Yoto Impex Private Limited. A director of Yoto Impex since 2012.

Our C.E.O is the personality with a simple mind-set with Battle-hardened confidence & indeed a Team player.

He is a Diploma Graduate of Chemical engineering from Saurashtra University & having vast essential experience of chemical Industries & Technology.

Company Profile

YoTo " The power of unity "

Company Profile: Yoto Group has always believed that the Spirit of mutual benefit between countries, corporations, customers, employees and communities is the most effective way to develop business rapidly.

Established in 2012, India Based Organization Explored in World Wide with the firm of Import Export. Yoto Mainly Doing Business with Four Different domains :

◊ Agriculture & FMCG Domain

◊ ICT & Security Domain

◊ Textile Domain

◊ Pump And Metal Scrap & Accessories

Why Import Export?

Durable Growth of every Country, possible only by developing the business of Import Export.
The primary benefit of the import and export business is the exchange of goods unavailable overseas.
Another benefit of importing and exporting goods is creating goodwill between nations with divergent interests.

Our Support

Texation & Documentation: Mr.Sagar Dhingani & Mr.Dhaval Vachhani

Designer: Mr. Nikhil Amrutiya

Web Developer: YOTO e-works

Special Support: Sky World Shipping

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For yoto, challenges and exhilaration are a way of life. Let it be your too. You are invited to an organization full of self-driven people. yours success is our success. so lets work together to achieve our goal. we always believe in talent and excellency. We always welcomes you.

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